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Music at Comporta is back!

After the success of 2010 with the bands tribute to Supertramp and Bryan Adams, Mclerige and Stressless presents Music in Comporta 2011, with the Killer Queen tribute to the legendary band Queen, already regarded as the best Queen tribute band in Europe!
It will be on Friday 12th of August, near the wine cellar at 10:00p.m. followed by the DJ's of the M80 radio network. Doors will open at 08h30p.m. to enjoy the sunset and have a drink or eat something (catering by iCook).

www.killerqueenonline.com                                    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnIYYhbxKcM

The Killer Queen begun in 1993, they are the oldest Queen tribute band, and has been considered the Best Tribute Band World Award presented by the British group Madness in 1999.

They´re without doubt the most faithful recreation of a concert by Queen that you can witness.
THE PEOPLE - "Concerts closer to real than anyone could imagine. Freddie lives - the pop legend is back! ".
DAILY MAIL -  "Patrick Myers recreates the singer of Queen in a unbelievable way!".
TIME OUT - "... and the original staff of the Queen describes them as something almost unreal, even saying that if Freddie up there, could see, would love it!".

Tickets on sale in the usual places and in the office of Comporta.

Come to see them on August 12th  and bring your family.

An evening not to be missed!